A note from Zelda: One of my philosophies is that you haven’t finished your work until an audience receives it.

To that end, in 2006 I started my own publishing company LaVenson Press after acquiring my novel Cold Running Creek from Simon & Schuster. Two years later the novel won a Black Caucus of The American Library Association Finalist Award and was the Text in Community Read for all incoming students at North Carolina A&T University. I went on to publish my novel Fifth Born II: The Hundredth Turtle which was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award and has had excerpts published in Chautauqua, Obsidian, the North Carolina Literary Review, and SouthWrit Large.

I tell you this because as writers we haven’t finished our work until we have delivered the work to its anonymous audience that anxiously awaits the food, medicine and kinship of our words. Sometimes this means creating the vehicle for delivering that work to its audience.

In two forthcoming books, The Soul of The Full-Length Manuscript and Write It & Publish It I have written the triumphs, trials and wisdom of my creative process. My hope is to offer writing exercises and unique techniques for bringing the artistic writing up from your soulful core and for blowing those creative seeds out to an audience. As with any of my instruction, I offer the technique second and first offer tools to recognize how your creative obstacles are connected to your personal life plots so that you can strategically remove those blockages and get what you want from your writing.

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